Get help choosing the right hand dryers for bathrooms in your building when engaging in a refit.

An ongoing part of building management is ensuring that bathrooms and hygiene facilities are kept up to date.  Maintaining good hygiene throughout your workforce helps to stop the spread of germs and maintain a healthy working environment.  The appliances that you choose to install when refitting bathrooms can also contribute towards your business’ move toward net zero.  Learn more about choosing the right hand dryer for your bathroom refits.

Key Factors in your Decision

During the process of planning a refit for the bathrooms in your building, it is important to set priorities about what you want to achieve.  Primary considerations should include:

In addition to the above, you should also be mindful of:

  • Long term cost and maintenance requirements
  • Design and style

Choosing more efficient, quieter hand dryers

Conventional hand dryers can be noisy and inefficient.  In larger buildings they can be a major contributor to overall energy bills while also creating disturbance in areas surrounding bathrooms.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers use approximately one third of the energy of a conventional dryer thanks to their innovative design which removes the need for an inefficient heating element and uses fast moving air to blow moisture of the skin.

In addition to this, a jet hand dryer is much quieter than a conventional model.  While a typical evaporative hand dryer will emit around 85Db of noise (the equivalent of a truck passing you on the street), the less turbulent air flow and improved soundproofing of a jet hand dryer emits just 57Db of noise (the equivalent of a quiet conversation).  Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric Wave quiet hand dryers have their patented Wave Nozzle® technology which breaks down the air turbulence, reducing noise and increases drying efficiency.

Automatic – or hands free – hand dryers are much more hygienic as they reduce the chance of germ transmission from one person to another via surfaces.  Using sensors to detect when a user has placed their hands into the dryer and switching on and off automatically reduces contact opportunities and means a healthier environment.  The automatic operation can also contribute to reduced costs as the dryers are only on when in use rather than using a timer and potentially overrunning after the user has left.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers further improves bathroom hygiene by design.  The use of antibacterial materials in construction of the shell prevents the growth of most germs and means that the units can simply be wiped clean after use.

Secondary Considerations for Choosing a Hand Dryer

In a typical workplace bathroom, a hand dryer should be expected to last for at least seven years, so there can be long term cost implications for maintenance.

With a jet hand dryer, there are fewer moving parts and less reliance on a heating element to aid in the drying process, so less can go wrong.  Unlike conventional designs which have a large nozzle that can allow ingress of water and steam that might damage internal components, the more contained design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of dryers means that the components are protected more from their surroundings.

Maintenance requirements are also reduced.  The wipe clean exterior means fewer harmful chemicals need to be used, and on the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hands-in hand dryer, water from drying is collected in an easily removed reservoir that can handle around 800 drying cycles.

When modernising bathrooms as part of a refit, the design of the space is important.  Choosing a modern design can enhance the space and make it more welcoming for staff and visitors and encourage use.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers feature clean, attractive lines and are available in a choice of finishes to suit the wider design of your building.

We can help you improve your workplace bathrooms

Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are more efficient, quieter, and more hygienic than competing designs.  There attractive design complements modern buildings and they are easy to use for staff and customers.  If you are planning a major refit or refurbishment of the bathrooms in your office, school, factory, or restaurant, they are an ideal solution.

To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range hand dryers and learn more about their features, energy consumption and installation requirements, please contact us today to request more information or book a demonstration.

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