State-of-the-art engineering

Low energy, fast drying and ultra-quiet performance. Our engineers have been obsessing over hand drying technology for nearly 30 years.

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Anthracite Grey Sterling Silver White Pearl

Available in Anthracite Grey, Sterling Silver & White Pearl

6 Year Guarantee

Featuring patented Wave Nozzle Technology™

Testing has proven that airflow control is critical for fast, hygienic and safe hand drying. The volume of air passing over the hands is far more important than air velocity.

Mitsubishi Electric’s patented Wave Nozzle Technology™ has been developed to optimise the volume of air passing over the hands whilst reducing air noise, which is critical in reducing drying time and for quiet operation.

Wave Nozzle Technology
Wave Nozzle Technology

Efficient hand drying with reduced air volume.

Comfortable to use, smarter drying

Eco Friendly

0.58g of CO2 per use.
5000 dries for £1.
Zero waste.

Ultra Quiet

Airflow control and volume makes our hand dryers quieter than a conversation.

Easy to Use

Adult and Child Sensors, easy to use by all.

Wave Nozzle

Developed from fluid control technology, sound-causing turbulence has been further decreased, achieving a large 2dB reduction in noise.
Ultra Brushless Digital Motor
Ultra Brushless Digital Motor

Ultra-quiet, ultra reliable, ultra-efficient.

Wave Hygiene System

Viraguard Filter

The Viraguard high grade antibacterial filter ensures pure, clean air for hygienic hand drying.

No-Touch Design

Jet Towels are activated automatically when hands pass through infrared sensors in the spacious drying area.

Certified by NSF

NSF International, an independent third-party public safety health and standards organisation, has certified Jet Towels to be compliant to its rigorous requirements (NSF/ANSI 169).

Antibacterial Plastics

The plastics used in Jet Towels curb the growth of bacteria on the surface. The secret is the metal ions added into the resin, which work to inhibit the functions of bacteria and reproductive growth.

Simplified Maintenance

Excess Water Pod Keeps Floors Dry

Water blown from hands is caught and channeled into a convenient excess water pod for easy removal. It stores up to approximately 800 uses (0.8L), and requires only periodic emptying and quick rinsing.

Easy Air Filter Maintenance

The washable air filter and water duct are easily accessible, making quick and thorough cleaning possible. No tools or time-consuming disassembly required.
Excess Water System
Excess Water System

Removes excess water, easy access for cleaning.

Viraguard<sup>TM</sup> Filter
ViraguardTM Filter

Kills bacteria, provides clean air.

Hand dryer details


Product guides

Mode Heater Drying time (sec) Power consumption (W) Noise (dB) Model Power supply Motor type Hygienic features External dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Drain tank (L)
High OFF 11 720 59  JT‑SB216JSH2 220-240V 50-60Hz Brushless DC Antibacterial surfaces
NSF certification
Alcohol cleanable
Width: 300
Depth: 219
Height: 670
11 0.8
ON 9 1240  JT‑SB216KSN2  JT‑SB216JSH2
Standard ON 11 1070 56  JT‑SB216JSH2
OFF 13 560  JT‑SB216KSN2  JT‑SB216JSH2

Save £42,000* With Wave

Versus Paper Towels

Paper towel dispensers have long been in use, however they are costly, high maintenance and require continual waste management in order to prevent a build-up of bacteria.

Paper Towel Waste

254 million tons of landfill every year globally

Paper Towel Environment

17 trees cut down for every ton of paper towels made

* Over a seven year period.

Paper Towels Other Energy Efficient Hand Dryer Mitsubishi Electric Wave

kg Per Year
Small Company
100 uses a day

624 kg

108 kg

35 kg
Medium Company
250 uses a day

1,561 kg

265 kg

82 kg
Large Company
500 uses a day

3,121 kg

526 kg

160 kg

Per Year
Small Company
100 uses a day



Medium Company
250 uses a day



Large Company
500 uses a day