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A World’s First

In 1992, new advances in compact DC brushless motor technology were developed at the Nakatsugawa Works, a Mitsubishi Electric factory located in Central Japan. While thinking of applications for the new motor, engineers came up with the novel idea of using high-powered jets of air to rapidly blow water off of the hands instead of relying on evaporation like conventional electric dryers.

A True Innovation

In 1993 at the Mitsubishi Nakatsugawa Works in Central Japan, a true innovation in hand dryer technology was born. It began with the development of compact digital motors, generating high-powered jets of air to drive moisture from the hands rather than relying on evaporation as with standard hand dryers.

This was the creation of a system that would deliver dramatically faster, more reliable, more effective, more hygienic drying. Years ahead of any other hand dryer on the market.

Leaders in Hand Dryer Technology

In the decades that followed Mitsubishi Electric has continued to make improvements, refining their products and revolutionising the industry. They have truly cemented their position as the leaders in hand dryer technology.

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