Choosing faster modern jet hand dryers can help lower your energy use and reduce waiting times in your bathrooms.

On average, conventional hand dryers take more than 30 seconds to completely dry the user’s hands, which can lead to long bathroom delays, queues, and even impact on workplace productivity. Faster hand dryers can cut waiting times in bathrooms significantly and contribute to better hygiene, as well as reducing your energy usage.

Why jet hand dryers are faster

Conventional warm air hand dryers rely on evaporation to remove moisture from the user’s hands. Slow moving air is blown over a heating element and out through a wide nozzle while the user rubs their hands together to spread the droplets of water around and make it easier for them to dry. This method is slow, inefficient and can leave hands dirty. Aside from the larger amount of energy that is wasted in heating the surrounding air, as the water slowly evaporates from the skin, it can leave a residue of soap and germs that were not removed during the washing process.

Jet hand dryers work by blowing droplets of water off the skin. Air is accelerated inside the dryer and blown out in a smooth jet through a narrow nozzle. Jet hand dryer technology pioneered by Mitsubishi Electric does not require the user to rub their hands together or wait for the droplets of water to evaporate, instead the water is removed quickly and hygienically.

Jet hand dryers are more efficient

Because they don’t need to use a heating element to warm the air, much less electricity is used by a jet hand dryer than a conventional model. In fact, when it comes to carbon emissions, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hands under dryer is responsible for around a third of the CO2 of an older design, and costs much less to run – approximately 66% less over the course of a year.

The efficiency benefits of faster hand drying also extends to other areas. Over the course of a year, the average worker will visit the bathroom in their workplace around four hundred times. Saving more than 20 seconds on each visit means less time is spent away from the desk and results in better productivity, while the hygiene benefits of improved hand washing and a no-touch automatic design that stops the spread of germs will also contribute to fewer sick days!

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