Choosing quieter modern jet hand dryers can help lower your energy use and reduce disturbance in the areas around in your bathrooms.

The noise from older warm air hand dryers can leak from bathrooms into the surrounding area and create a disturbance that can be distracting and annoying. In office spaces and schools, hand dryer noise can affect concentration and productivity, while in hospitality venues such as restaurants and bars, hand dryer noise can impact on guest satisfaction and create an unpleasant ambience.

Could modern jet hand dryers be the answer?

The design of modern jet hand dryers does away with many of the characteristics that create noise and are ideally suited to installation in environments where noise is not wanted.

Why jet hand dryers are quieter

Old fashioned warm air hand dryers blow air over a heating element and out through a wide nozzle. This combination creates a lot of turbulence in the airflow and means that the fan and motor assembly are exposed to the exterior which means that the sound they produce can spread into the surrounding area. A conventional warm air hand dryer generates as much as 83dB of noise – roughly the same as heavy traffic.

The design of a modern jet hand dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 features innovative internal aerodynamics that accelerate air to high speed before it is blown out through a narrow slot. This combination means that the noise from the fan does not escape, and the laminar airflow creates much less turbulence meaning that the hand dryer is much quieter – the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 generates just 57dB of noise – the equivalent of a quiet conversation.

Advantages of a quiet hand dryer

In workplaces and hospitality venues, the main advantage of choosing a quieter hand dryer is that it creates much less disturbance in the surrounding area, however there is a further advantage that is sometimes overlooked.

In a jet hand dryer, because the air is more tightly directed onto the users hands, less energy is wasted in heating and moving air that does not serve a purpose. As a result of the design decisions made in developing jet hand dryers, aside from being much quieter in use, they also consumer considerably less electricity than older designs.

A modern efficient jet hand dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 will cost approximately 20% less annually than older warm air hand dryers.

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