Can we talk about paper towels?

It is estimated that globally, paper towels result in 254 MILLION tons of landfill every year 😨 and that 17 trees are chopped down for every ton of paper towels made.

Sustainable hand drying needs to be thought about with every refurbishment and new washroom design. Why use paper towels when electric hand dryers do the job in a much more environmentally friendly way.

Are hand dryers hygienic enough in a pandemic?

Some are definitely more hygienic than others. Warm air dryers from the 80’s that take half an hour to dry your hands are unlikely to have a hygiene filter and frankly we all give up after 15 seconds. However, modern electric air dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel with antibacterial filters, are extremely hygienic and touch free. This is all backed up by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the UK Government.

Hand dryers are not only the sustainable option but also the money saving solution for your business. With costs of around £38 per year vs. c. £2000 per year for paper towels, there really is no contest! Get in touch if we can help you throw in the towel!

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