How hygienic are our hand dryers?

Covid-19 has made us analyse all of our hygiene habits and washing our hands is absolutely top of the list. It didn’t take long until we started to think about how we dry our hands too.

Now at home, it’s simple, I mean there aren’t that many options are there! (unless some super fans out there have installed a Mitsubishi Electric hand dryer in the downstairs loo!) However, out and about at your favourite restaurant or down the gym there is likely to be a choice of hand dryers vs. paper towels.

Hand dryers often get bad press that they aren’t as hygienic as paper towels. Industry secret: this is because paper towels like to compare their product with the old style hand dryers that you touch to turn on and have long drying times. Modern hand dryers have come a long way and i’ll tell you why hand dryers are extremely hygienic, just as hygienic as paper towels.

People only use hand dryers when they have washed their hands

It’s a simple point but one worth making if you have ever been concerned about how hygienic hand dryers are. Clean hands are inserted into hand dryers!

Modern hand dryers use filters

Just like your vacuum cleaner, the majority of hand dryers now have some sort of anti bacterial or HEPA filter. At Mitsubishi Electric, we opt for an antibacterial, high grade filter that doesn’t just trap bacterial but kills it too. Feel safe knowing that when you use a Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel hand dryer your hands are being dried with clean, purified air!

Look out for hygiene accreditations

All good quality hand dryers will have NSF accreditation which is an independent regulator for hygiene. Look out for the NSF logo which tells you that this product has been independently tested and is safe for areas that need the highest levels of hygiene like food prep areas and hospitals.

Our excess water pod makes our hygienic hand dryers the safest there are

We have designed a unique excess water pod so that any splash back or spray is channeled there and not on you!

So there you have it, 4 reasons why hand dryers are ultra hygienic!

Finally, don’t take our word for it, check out this scientific paper from the University of Arizona. They studied over 200 paper towel and hand dryer tests and studies and found hand dryers to be at least as hygienic as hand dryers.

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