What is the cost difference between hand dryers and paper towels?

The truth is the exact cost will be different for each individual building but what you can guarantee is that paper towels will roughly be 95% MORE expensive than hand dryers.

Take the Jet Towel Slim for example which costs around £37 per year on standard settings. How many paper towels would that amount buy. A quick look on Amazon tells you the answer – 4000 paper towels. Seems like a lot? Not really, most people take 3 or 4 paper towels to dry their hands, some even being unused but straight in the bin. Based on those numbers that £37 of 4000 paper towels gives you 1000 visitors to your toilets. For a supermarket that could be one day.

The annual cost of £37 to run a hand dryer is the same amount a supermarket can spend on paper towels in one DAY.

One thing to note is that with hand dryers there is a bigger initial cost of around £400-600 however that is quickly paid back when compared with the expense of paper towels. The cost of disposing of paper towel waste would also likely cover that initial cost.

If you would like a hand dryer vs. paper towel cost assessment then get in touch. We would love to tell you how much you could save!

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