Reducing the amount of noise that leaks from bathrooms into surrounding areas can help reduce distraction and improve workspaces. Find out how much hand dryers with sound insulation can help.

Noise from bathrooms in a workplace or hospitality venue can affect productivity and create an unwelcome atmosphere. Conventional hand dryers can be loud and distracting, but choosing modern hand dryers with sound insulation built into their design can help to create a quieter and more welcoming space.

Why are hand dryers noisy?

Conventional hand dryers blow warm air through a wide nozzle onto the user’s hands to cause water to evaporate from the skin to dry the hands. The combination of air turbulence from the wide nozzle and the exposed fan and motor mean that a warm air hand dryer can generate as much as 85dB of noise in the surrounding area – this is the equivalent of heavy traffic nearby and can easily pass through walls and doors into nearby areas.

More modern jet hand dryers use a much narrower nozzle that accelerates air to high speed to blow droplets of water from the skin. This means that there is much less air turbulence created which results in a lot less unwanted noise.

Reducing hand dryer noise

A major advantage of the narrow nozzle of a jet hand dryer is that the fan assembly is no longer directly exposed and much less sound escapes from the appliance, however it is possible to further reduce hand dryer noise.

The internal design of a Mitsubishi Electric Wave quiet hand dryer allows much less noise from the nozzle, but also means that it is possible to further reduce unwanted noise by designing the hand dryer with extensive sound proofing. Sound insulation installed inside the casing of the i01 and u02 models means that the noise from the motor and fan is contained and cannot escape.

The combination of the narrow nozzle creating less turbulence, the internal aerodynamics which prevent the fan from being exposed to the outside, and the sound insulation means that a Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer produces as little as 57dB in use – the equivalent of a quiet conversation.

The lower noise level does not escape as easily into the areas surrounding the bathroom and reduces distraction as well as being more comfortable for users who are sensitive to sound.

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Quiet Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers with sound insulation help to reduce noise in your workplace to prevent distraction and disturbance in the surrounding areas. Find out more by contacting us today to book a demonstration.

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