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Celebrating 30 years of Wave hand dryers

Back in 1993 our engineers got it right first time. They’ve been obsessing over hand drying technology ever since. Low energy, fast drying and ultra-quiet performance.

Inventors of the Dual Jet Hand Dryer

A World's First

In 1992, new advances in compact DC brushless motor technology were developed at the Nakatsugawa Works, a Mitsubishi Electric factory located in Central Japan. While thinking of applications for the new motor, engineers came up with the novel idea of using high-powered jets of air to rapidly blow water off of the hands instead of relying on evaporation like conventional electric dryers.

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Play Sonic Wave and navigate our little U02 hand dryer through the course with 90s nostalgia along the way. Be quick, unlike our hand dryers this game isn’t going to be around forever!

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