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No Touch Hand Dryer

Most germs spread through contact, either directly between people, or by being picked up from surfaces. One of the main vectors for the transmission of illnesses such as flu and covid 19 is surface contamination, where person comes into contact with the germs spread by others and becomes infected.

There are many things you can do to help reduce this type of transmission, and one area is the use of no-touch, or automatic hand dryers in your workplace bathrooms.

Old fashioned hand dryer designs required the user to push a button to start the airflow and turn on the heater. The next person along would then push the same button and so on, so any germs left on the switch would be picked up.

Additional Hygiene Advantages

The use of a proximity sensor in the drying area of an automatic hand dryer means that the user does not need to make contact with any surfaces when using the appliance, which cuts the spread of germs from one person to the next.

In addition to the use of an automatic sensor to start and stop the airflow, Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are also manufactured using anti-bacterial materials to kill any germs that come into contact with them. The jet towel technology is also better for hand hygiene, as moisture is blown off the surface of the skin without leaving a residue, meaning cleaner hands!

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Choosing automatic hand dryers for your toilets means improving hygiene while also getting benefits of lower energy usage. Request a demo to learn more about the different models in the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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