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Choosing a Hands Free Hand Dryer

If you are in the process of updating the bathrooms in your building, you should consider automatic hand dryers. These are simple to operate, more hygienic than alternatives, and can also help reduce energy cost. 

How Automatic Hand Dryers Work

Traditional hand dryers required the user to press a button to start the airflow. Modern dryers use a proximity sensor to detect when the user has put their hands into the air stream and starts the fans at that moment before switching off when the hands are removed.

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Improved Hygiene

Automatic hand dryers to not require users to press a button to operate them. This means that there is less chance of germs being deposited on the surface of the appliance that could be transferred from one person to the next. The sleeker design also has the benefit of being easier to clean

Reduced Energy Use

Automatic hand dryers will only operate when the user has placed their hands into the stream and stop when the hands are removed. This is different to traditional designs which would continue to run for a pre-set period of time whether they were being used or not. Coupled with the more efficient design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range, this contributes to reduced energy bills over time.

Easier Maintenance

With fewer moving parts in the design of automatic hand dryers, there is less that can go wrong, which makes maintenance much simpler. The use of anti-bacterial materials in the construction also means that harm

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Choosing automatic hand dryers for your washrooms means improving efficiency and helping users to improve hygiene. Request a demo to learn more about the different models in the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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