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How Hands Free Hand Dryers Work

An automatic hand dryer uses a small infra-red sensor in the drying area. When the sensor detects a solid object that is warmer than the surrounding air move into the area, it turns on the fan and the air starts to blow. The sensor responds almost instantly to the presence of an object and will also switch off the fan once the user’s hands are removed.

This means that there is no need for a switch, and the dryer only operates for as long as is necessary. Older designs which used a button also featured some functionality that appeared automated, in that they would run for a pre-set duration when activated, however this could not adapt, which meant that the dryer would continue to work even if the user had moved on without completely drying their hands.

The advantages of automatic hand dryers

Improved efficiency

By only running for as long as the user has their hands in place, automatic hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Wave i01 waste very little energy meaning that they could save you substantial amounts of money on your electricity bills – especially when you take into account their energy efficient designs.

Improved Hygiene

Indirect spread of germs through shared surfaces is one of the most common modes of transmission for many illnesses. With a no-button design, there is less chance of a user picking up germs from a contaminated area which could reduce the spread of illness in your workplace and improve productivity.

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Automatic hand dryers in your building’s bathrooms improves hygiene and means less energy is used. Request a demo to learn more about the different models in the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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