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About No-Touch Hand Dryers

No-touch, or hands-free hand dryers to not require the user to push a button to start or stop the drying process. A carefully positioned infra-red proximity sensor in the drying area activates the airflow when a hand is detected and shuts off the power as soon as the user moves away. 

This means that the user no longer needs to make contact with the hand dryer, which stops the spread of germs from one person to another and can halt the transmission of many illnesses.


Advantages of no touch hand dryers

With energy bills at their highest levels for many years, the biggest advantage of a no-touch hand dryer is that it only operates for as long as the user has their hands in place. As soon as the user removes their hands from the drying area, the fans switch off. This means that unlike traditional designs which ran for a pre-determined length of time, modern hands-free dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 use less electricity and contribute to lower bills.

In addition to using much less energy, a modern no-touch hand dryer is also beneficial for hand hygiene. Rather than having a button that would be touched by multiple people each day and allow the spread of germs, with a no-touch dryer, there is no need for contact, which means that germs find it harder to spread which protects your workforce.

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Modern no-touch hand dryers in your building’s bathrooms will help to improve hygiene and could also reduce the transmission of illnesses from one person to another. Request a demo to learn more about the different models in the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range.

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