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Finding the Best Hand Dryers

As part of the process of improving bathrooms in your workplace, choosing the best hand dryers to meet the needs of your staff and customers is important.  The market is crowded with products and it can be difficult to find the correct model for you.

Efficiency is Essential

With energy costs at record levels, in many cases, the best hand dryer is the one which will use the least energy over time to help to cut bills.  Modern, efficient jet hand dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range use much less power than traditional models and can dispense with the need for heating the air, which reduces operating costs by more than half.

Hygiene is Key

Ensuring that staff and customers can maintain good hygiene is the key value of the best hand dryers, and can have a positive impact on your business in terms of days lost to sickness.  No-touch hand dryers are a popular choice for bathrooms because they remove a potential route for the spread of germs, and also work more effectively because they only run when their sensors detect that they are in use, which compounds the energy savings.

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Quietness is a Virtue

Noise from hand dryers can create a distraction in the workplace or in neighbouring classrooms.  The design of the jet nozzles on the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers means that the airflow is cleaner.  Coupled with industry leading sound insulation and air filters, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01is ultra quiet – it’s 57dB noise level is similar to a conversation compared to the 83dB noise levels of some competing models which is the equivalent of a nearby train.

Maintenance and Hygiene

Choosing a low maintenance hand dryer which is simple to clean means that less time is spent with faults and the potential for the spread of infection is reduced.  The use of antibacterial materials in the manufacture of Mitsubishi Electric Wave dryers means that they are easier to clean and simple to maintain.

Speed means Efficiency

Traditional hand dryers that use slow moving air and a heater to dry the user’s hands can take up to 30 seconds to finish. Over the course of a year this means that a workplace of 100 people loses around 800 hours of time to people drying their hands.  Fast jet towel hand dryers can dry hands in around a third of the time of conventional models – around 9 seconds, which means that they can help to make your workplace more productive.

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Choosing the best hand dryers for your bathrooms means finding ones which are efficient, low maintenance, and provide excellent hygiene for staff and customers.  Talk to us today to book a demo of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers.

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