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Finding the Best Child Friendly Hand Dryer

Whether you are choosing hand dryers for a school or looking for suitable appliances to cater to younger people in an entertainment or hospitality venue, there are important considerations including placement, mode of operation, and noise levels.  Hand dryers that create less disturbance and which can be easily used by younger children help to maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of illness.

Easily Accessible Hand Drying

The most important consideration when choosing hand dryers for children is making them accessible so that they can be properly used.  The mounting height and type of hand dryer are key to ensuring that ease of use is prioritised.

In most cases, a hands under design is more suited to younger users as they offer more flexibility about where on the wall they are mounted to allow different ages to reach the drying area easily.

For adults, the recommended mounting height for a hands under dryer is between 1120mm and 1170mm above floor level, whereas the mounting height for a hands in dryer is between 975mm and 1050mm depending on gender.

These heights would not allow for comfortable usage for children.

Hands under dryers can be mounted lower to the floor at a suitable height for younger children.  For ages 4-7, the recommended height is 810mm; for ages 7-10 it is 910mm; for ages 10-13, the recommended height is 1020mm; and for older children, 1120mm heights are recommended.

With a hands in dryer, a mounting height of 875mm above the floor is recommended.  This may be too high for the youngest users.

Reducing Noise

Loud noises can be overwhelming for some children, and this can make them unwilling to use the equipment correctly.  Conventional hand dryers are often too loud for children.  Emitting up to 83dB, the sound is the equivalent of heavy traffic.  By comparison, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer emits just 57dB when used – this is the equivalent of a normal conversation, which is much less daunting for a child and will not damage hearing.  This makes them more likely to be used and helps to encourage good hygiene.

Reducing Spread of Germs

Children can be more susceptible to some infections, so maintaining hygiene is important.  Choosing a no-touch or automatic hand dryer design is sensible as it reduces the opportunities for illnesses to be spread from one person to another.  

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers use sensors in the drying area to detect when a user has put their hands into the airstream.  This means that they will start and stop as required without the risk of picking up germs from surfaces including buttons.

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Whether you need hand dryers for a school or other venue that caters to younger people, we can help you choose the most suitable hand dryers for your needs.  Contact us today to request a demonstration or a quote for your project.

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