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Finding the Best College Hand Dryer

A key part of choosing the best hand dryers for a college is ensuring that they meet the specific needs of students and faculty.  Modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range feature efficient, quiet designs that help to reduce energy use and noise levels while maintaining excellent hygiene.  This means that they help to reduce cost, prevent the transmission of illness, and prevent disturbance to students in nearby teaching areas.

Reducing Energy Costs and Environmental Impact

Large colleges can have several thousand students in attendance.  This means a heavy load on bathroom facilities, and it is possible that the daily use of hand dryers across the campus may be as high as 5,000 times.  Over the course of a year, traditional hand dryers would have an annual cost of more than £16,000 and if paper towels are used, more than 15 tonnes of waste would be sent to landfill.

By comparison, at the same usage level, an ultra-efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryer would be responsible for just 5% of the CO2 emissions generate by paper towels, result in zero land fill, and have energy costs less than a third of that incurred with traditional hand dryers.

Improving Hygiene

In large college environments, germs can easily spread between students leading to lost days of education and learning disruption.  Minimising contact in hygiene areas such as bathrooms means less opportunities for transmission of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.  Using a no-touch design for hand dryers where a sensor detects when a user is nearby means one fewer point of contact, while a jet dryer is naturally more hygienic than a traditional design.  

Warm air hand dryers work by evaporation, which means that some residue of dirt or bacteria remains on the skin, whereas a jet towel blows water off the skin during use which leaves fewer germs on the hands.

Reducing Disruption

Creating an environment in colleges where students can concentrate on their work is vital.  Using a quieter hand dryer design means that there is less noise transmitted through walls into teaching areas when bathrooms are in use.  

A conventional hand dryer takes more than 30 seconds to dry the user’s hands, while the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 works in around 10 seconds.  The difference in noise is also large.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are designed with narrow jet nozzles that minimise noise.  A traditional hand dryer will emit as much as 83dB of noise in use – the equivalent of heavy traffic, compared to just 57dB from a Mitsubishi Electric Wave – the equivalent of a normal conversation.

Shorter drying times, also have the benefit of meaning less time spent away from classrooms, which helps maintain concentration for students.

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