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Finding the Best efficient Hand Dryer

Energy prices are at their highest levels for many years, and this, coupled with long term goals of reducing carbon emissions should be a key consideration when choosing your new commercial hand dryers.  Modern designs offer substantial energy savings when compared to traditional models due to using fast moving jets of air to blow water off the surface of the skin rather than slower, more energy intensive warm air dryers that rely on slow evaporation.

More Efficient Design

Conventional hand dryers use evaporation to dry the user’s hands.  Slow moving air is blown over a heating element and out through a wide nozzle.  The user then needs to rub their hands in the airflow to spread the moisture over their skin to enable evaporation.  This can be time consuming, and may also be less hygienic, as some residue of soap and germs can be left on the skin after washing and drying..

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range uses a different mechanism altogether.  A fast moving, narrow jet of air is blown directly onto the skin.  This displaces the water from the surface quickly and efficiently and does not need to use a heater.

Energy is saved in two main ways.  The design of the nozzle accelerates the air meaning that less power is needed for blowing, and an ultra-efficient fan motor complements this.  By making heat an optional part of the drying process, The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 dryers use approximately one third of the energy of a traditional design.

Improving Speed of Use

One of the biggest components contributing to the higher cost of operation for a traditional hand dryer is the amount of time it takes to work fully.  Both the fan and the heating element are required throughout the drying process, and this may take up to a minute to complete.

By comparison, the jet technology used in a Wave hand dryer completes the job in as little as 9 seconds, which means that in for every 100 daily uses, it costs just £10 per year to operate.

Less Energy Wasted as Noise

Hand dryer noise is wasted energy.  The noise is caused by turbulent, inefficient airflow, and with noise emissions of around 85dB – the equivalent of heavy traffic – it can be highly distracting to people nearby, as well as upsetting for young children.

The smoother airflow of a jet hand dryer is naturally more efficient.  Without turbulence affecting the efficiency of the system, less noise is produced.  In fact, in use, a Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hand dryer emits just 57dB – similar to the level of a quiet conversation – so it is much less disturbing.

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We can help you choose the best hand dryers for energy efficiency in your building’s bathrooms.  Request a demonstration of our range today by contacting a member of our team.

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