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Finding the Best Factory Hand Dryer

In planning the bathroom facilities for a factory building, it is important to choose hand dryers which are well suited to use in an environment where there may be high levels of dust, and where hygiene can be maintained while also keeping lifetime cost to a minimum through better energy efficiency.

No-Touch Hand Dryers

No-touch hand dryers do not require the use of a button.  In environments where users may have staining chemicals on their hands, minimising touch in your new hand dryers will help to keep the appliances in good condition and reduce the need for Maintenance.

No touch hand dryers remove a key vector for the spread of infection, which is particularly important in food or beverage factories where the prevention of contamination is essential.  

The use of antibacterial materials in the construction of Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers such as the Wave i01 and u02 helps to prevent the growth of pathogens on the surface of the dryer when and simplifies the cleaning process.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

Factories and industrial buildings typically have high energy use, and any opportunity to reduce costs and environmental impact is important as part of your sustainability and Net Zero goals.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range offers some of the most efficient hand dryers on the market.  On average the Wave u02 uses less than a third of the electricity of a conventional push button model, and CO2 emissions because the power use is minimal compared to alternatives such as paper towels.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are also more efficient for staff to use. In use, the hand dryers work in as little as 9 seconds – far quicker than conventional designs which take an average of 35 seconds to dry the user’s hands.  This can provide considerable time and resource savings over the course of a year.

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