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Finding the Best Hospital Hand Dryer

In hospitals, like any health care environment, hygiene is always paramount.  Ensuring that staff and patients can clean and dry their hands is vitally important in protecting health and preventing the spread of infections.  Choosing the best hand dryers for hospitals is an important part of planning.

Maintaining Good Hand Hygiene

A key part of infection control in any healthcare environment such as a hospital or clinic is to ensure that hands are cleaned regularly and properly dried.  The use of sanitiser when entering and leaving patient areas helps to control pathogens, but must be combined with proper, regular hand washing.

Jet hand dryers are much more effective at helping keep hands clean than conventional warm air designs.  Whereas traditional hand dryers use evaporation to remove moisture, a jet dryer blows water off the surface of the hands.  This means that there is no residue left behind from hand washing that might contain bacteria that could be spread.  

The use of a hands-free no-touch design is also an important feature.  Without contact with the dryer when in use, there is less chance that any pathogens can be transferred from one person to another.

Avoiding Disturbance to Patients

In a healing environment, rest is important, and as such, minimising the amount of disturbance from unwanted noise is a priority.  Choosing modern, quiet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 models can make a big difference.   Whereas a traditional hand dryer would emit more than 80dB of noise in use, the Wave range operates at just 57dB and dries hands much more quickly, meaning less disturbance.

At 83dB, a conventional warm air hand dryer is the equivalent of heavy traffic, whereas the 57dB of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 is the equivalent of a normal conversation.  This noise level is much less likely to be transmitted through walls into ward areas where it might disturb patients.

Keep Energy Costs Low

Energy is a major cost for any hospital or clinic, and as such, improving efficiency is a key objective for planners.  The use of energy efficient lighting and appliances can make a significant difference to the overall running costs of a hospital. 

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers is cost effective in use.  For every 100 daily uses, using less hygienic paper towels would cost almost £300 per year, while even the most efficient warm air hand dryer will cost approximately £33 annually.  The ultra-efficient design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 costs just £10 annually for every 100 daily uses.

In a large hospital, where hand dryers may be used thousands of times each day by staff and patients, the savings from an efficient hand dryer can be substantial, allowing more money to be spent directly on patient care.

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