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Finding the Best Hand Dryer for an Industrial Workplace

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When planning hygiene areas for an industrial environment, choosing the most effective hand dryers can make a major difference.  The modern jet towel design used by the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers is quieter, faster, and more efficient in use as well as being a hygienic choice thanks to a no-touch design and the use of anti-bacterial materials in construction.

Improving Employee Safety

In a complex industrial environment, it is essential to minimise distractions that could result in an injury.  Choosing a quieter hand dryer for bathrooms near working areas reduces ambient noise.  Unlike a conventional noisy warm air hand dryer that makes more than 83dB of sound in use, the aerodynamics of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 is much quieter in use at 57dB.  This is the difference between the noise of heavy traffic and a quiet conversation meaning that much fewer sound escapes into the surrounding areas that could distract employees and put them at risk.

Reduce Time way from the Job

Bathroom breaks are essential for employee wellbeing, but they have an impact on productivity.  Evaporative hand dryers can take more than 30 seconds to fully dry the user’s hands compared to less than 10 seconds for the faster Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 design.

In an industrial workplace with 500 staff on site, and allowing for 2 daily breaks, the reduction in time lost over the course of a year is equivalent to 180 days of work. 

Improving Workplace Hygiene

Good workplace hygiene is vital.  Aside from reducing time lost to sickness when germs are spread around a workforce, cleanliness is also important in maintaining output quality in production environments.  

Traditional hand dryers work through evaporation.  This means that they can leave a residue on the user’s hands as they dry.  By comparison, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range works with fast-moving air which simply blows water off the skin and leaves hands much cleaner.

With no-touch operation helping to cut down on points of contact, and a wipe clean design that uses anti-bacterial materials, there is also less chance for the transmission of germs around the workforce which helps to control infection.

Reducing Energy Costs

The combination of more efficient design and quicker drying times contributes to much lower running costs over the lifetime of the dryer.  For every hundred uses, it costs approximately £23 per year less to use a Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer than even an energy efficient warm air hand dryer.  In a larger environment, or one which has traditionally used paper towels, the savings will be much larger, as will the amount of C02 emissions that are attributed to use which helps businesses achieve their Net Zero goals.

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