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Finding the Best Office Hand Dryer

If you are currently in the process of improving the bathrooms in your office building, choosing the best hand dryers for your needs is important.  With high energy and staffing costs, it is important to find devices which are efficient in use, but you should also consider the level of disruption that excess noise can make and the effect it has on productivity.

Reducing Noise from Hand Dryers

In modern open plan offices, noise can be transmitted across spaces easily and be highly distracting for staff as they work, or make phone calls.  In use, the noise levels of a conventional hand dryer with a standard duct and a heating element can reach 83dB, and run for more than 30 seconds at a time.  A noise level of 83dB is the equivalent of loud traffic nearby, and can disturb people’s concentration, even from within a neighbouring bathroom.

The design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers uses a combination of a highly efficient jet nozzle that creates a narrow, smooth flow of air that causes less turbulence and noise with sound insulation to reduce the volume of the internal fan and motors.  This combination reduces the noise levels of the hand dryers to around 57dB in use – slightly quieter than a normal conversation.  This noise reduction, coupled with the higher drying speed – as little as 9 seconds – means that they are much less distracting in a busy office.

Improving Energy Efficiency

With high electricity costs for businesses, choosing appliances which use less energy is important – especially as part of your net zero strategy.

The advanced, efficient design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers means that they use less than a third of the electricity of conventional designs, which in a typical office setting means that they can reduce energy costs by around 67% when compared to alternative designs, and by more than 90% compared to paper towels!

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