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Choosing the right hand dryer for a restaurant

Restaurants need to combine great food with an excellent atmosphere to be successful, and this means that their needs when it comes to picking the best hand dryers are different to other workplaces.

Good Hygiene is Vital

Having a 5 star hygiene rating is essential for any restaurant to survive.  If customers are uncertain about the quality of food preparation and cleaning, they will be reluctant to eat, and this will affect customer numbers.  Maintaining good hygiene practices throughout all areas of the business is vitally important.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers are manufactured using anti-bacterial materials, and feature a no-touch design which prevents the spread of germs when the dryers are used which makes them ideal for restaurant kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Avoid Noisy Disturbances

Restaurant patrons want to enjoy their meal and conversation in peace, and the noise of hand dryers coming from the bathrooms is a distraction that can affect the atmosphere in tables nearby.  A conventional hand dryer runs at around 83dB – noisier than traffic – while the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 model emits just 57dB of sound – slightly quieter than a normal conversation, which means that they will not disturb your guests while they eat.

Keep Energy Costs Low

Energy bills make up a significant part of the overall cost of running a restaurant and taking steps to reduce them is important.  For every 100 daily uses, paper towels can cost a restaurant almost £300 per year, while even an efficient conventional hand dryer will cost £33 for the same number of uses.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 features an ultra-efficient jet design that costs just £10 annually per 100 daily uses, making it an excellent choice for reducing electricity use.

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