Faster, more efficient, and quieter hand dryers can improve usability of service station bathrooms and support better hygiene in busy locations.

Bathrooms in service stations can be extremely busy at peak times which creates unique challenges for facilities managers. Aside from needing to be able to cater to the large number of users, considerations about energy use and hygiene are essential.

Faster hand dryers

During busy times, it is more important than ever to encourage good hygiene in service station bathrooms. Choosing faster hand dryers can reduce queueing times and encourage users to wash and dry their hands properly before leaving.

Conventional warm air hand dryers can take as long as 35 seconds to dry hands properly which can lead to large queues forming. Jet hand dryers work much more quickly. Rather than needing to wait a long time for water to evaporate off the skin, jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 blow the water droplets off the skin to leave the hands dry. This takes as little as 9 seconds, meaning that users can pass through the bathrooms more quickly and prevent queues from forming.

Hygienic no-touch designs

In busy bathrooms, any point of contact can become an opportunity for germs to spread. Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers feature a no-touch design. Rather than a user needing to press a button to switch on the airflow, a sensor in the drying area detects when the user’s hands are present and automatically switches on. This means that the user does not need to touch a button and reduces the potential for bacteria to be transmitted.

In addition to their no-touch designs, the use of silver ions embedded into the shell of the hand dryers creates an anti-bacterial surface that kills germs quickly and creates a much more hygienic experience for users.

Reducing cost with more efficient designs

When hundreds of people pass through the bathroom each day, the electricity costs of hand dryers can soon mount up. Conventional hand dryers use a great deal of energy to operate the heater and fan. For every five hundred daily uses, a conventional hand dryer will cost £159 annually to operate. By comparison, the ultra-efficient design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 enables large savings on electricity costs. At the same usage level, the Mitsubishi Electric eco friendly hand dryer consumes less than one third of the electricity with an annual running cost of just £48 based on typical energy costs.

When compared to paper hand towels, the savings are even greater. For five hundred daily uses, the cost of paper towels in a bathroom would be £1,460 each year and create a substantial amount of waste that needs to be sent to landfill.

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Faster and more efficient hand dryers are ideally suited to use in busy service stations. Find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of reliable jet hand dryers by contacting us today and book a demonstration.

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