New colour options for the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 and u02 models give you additional choice when it comes to specifying the hand dryers for your next project. With anthracite grey and black hand dryers available, you can create a stylish and functional look in your washrooms that can help make facilities more accessible while also improving energy efficiency and reducing noise in the surrounding areas.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Black Hand Dryers

When it comes to designing and fitting out the toilets in an office or entertainment venue, aesthetics play a crucial role. The choice of hand dryers can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space. With the addition of black hand dryers into the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range, you benefit from designs that are elegant, sophisticated, and visually striking.

A More Understated Design

Black hand dryers exude refinement. Their sleek silhouette and matte finish blend seamlessly with modern designs. Whether you’re managing a trendy restaurant, a boutique hotel, or an upscale office, black hand dryers complement the ambience without disrupting the aesthetic harmony.
Improved accessibility and visibility

For visually impaired individuals, contrast matters. Placing a black hand dryer against a white wall ensures visibility, making it an excellent option for accessible bathrooms. The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02, with its matt black finish, not only looks chic but also caters to accessibility needs. Plus, it features the Anti-Bac filter that ensures only clean air blows over the user’s hands.

Other Considerations

The addition of black hand dryer options to the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range, gives you a new option that is perfect for stylish entertain and hospitality venues. Low noise levels, faster drying times, and energy efficient design also bring benefits.

Quieter black hand dryers

In restaurants and offices where noise reduction is important to maintain the ambience, the quiet Mitsubishi Electric Wave range is ideal. Making just 57dB of noise when in use compared to the 85dB or more of conventional designs is the difference between your guests being surrounded by noisy traffic or quiet conversations.

Faster drying times

Hygiene is essential, but when queues form it can mean people leaving the bathroom without drying their hands. Faster drying times of just 10 seconds compared to conventional dryers that can take more than half a minute to work means that users will not be delayed.

Black Hand Dryers in Hands-Under and Hands-In Styles

Depending on available space and usage, you can choose between hands-under and hands-in designs for your new black hand dryers from Mitsubishi Electric.

Hands Under Dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 are compact and well suited to smaller spaces, and their black casing creates a chic look that catches the eye.

Hands-in hand dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 feature an attractive modern design that is complemented by the new anthracite grey colour scheme. Their enclosed design reduces the risk of splashes of water reaching the floor making them ideal for restaurants.

Find Out More

Stylish black hand dryers not only elevate your washroom’s appearance but also contribute to hygiene and efficiency as well as creating a lasting impression. For more information about our full range, please contact us to request a demonstration.

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