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Smart Features


0.1 second response time and ultra fast dry time of 8 seconds*

*In high mode.

EcoSmart Motor

Powerful, Efficient & Reliable motor manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric with a lifespan of 7 years at 400 uses per day.

Safe Flow Nozzle Technology

The wide nozzle pulls water away from the hands and away from the user.

Easy Air Filter Maintenance

The air filter prevents excess dust and dirt from accumulating inside the unit. The filter is placed conveniently against the side of the intake grill, allowing for quick cleaning without disassembly.
EcoSmart Motor
EcoSmart Motor

Powerful, efficient and reliable with a long lifespan.

Fast Drying
Fast Drying

High speed drying with times from 8 seconds.

Hygienic Features

Certified by NSF

NSF International, an independent third-party public safety health and standards organisation, has certified Jet Towels to be compliant to its rigorous requirements (NSF/ANSI 169).

Antibacterial Plastics

The plastics used in Jet Towels curb the growth of bacteria on the surface. The secret is the metal ions added into the resin, which work to inhibit the functions of bacteria and reproductive growth.

No-Touch Design

Activated automatically when hands pass through infrared sensors in the spacious drying area.

Alcohol Cleaning

Normal plastics react with alcohol, which can result in cracking and damage. We use high-grade plastic that can be safely cleaned with cleansers containing alcohol (less than 83% ethanol content).
Anti-Bac Casing
Anti-Bac Casing

Seamless wipe clean anti-bac casing.

Anti-Bac Filter
Anti-Bac Filter

Only clean air passes over the user's hand.

Hand dryer details


Product guides

ModeHeaterDrying time (sec)Power consumption (W)Noise (dB)ModelPower supplyMotor typeHygienic featuresExternal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
HighOFF1172062 Jet Towel Smart JT-S2AP (Metal cover)240V 50HzCommutator motorAntibacterial surfaces
NSF certification
Alcohol cleanable
Width: 250
Depth: 160
Height: 290
High-9-1173062 Jet Towel Smart Lite* JT-S2A (ABS body)Width: 250
Depth: 162
Height: 292

Save £42,000* With Wave

Versus Paper Towels

Paper towel dispensers have long been in use, however they are costly, high maintenance and require continual waste management in order to prevent a build-up of bacteria.

Paper Towel Waste

254 million tons of landfill every year globally

Paper Towel Environment

17 trees cut down for every ton of paper towels made

* Over a seven year period.

Paper TowelsOther Energy Efficient Hand DryerMitsubishi Electric Wave

kg Per Year
Small Company
100 uses a day

624 kg

108 kg

35 kg
Medium Company
250 uses a day

1,561 kg

265 kg

82 kg
Large Company
500 uses a day

3,121 kg

526 kg

160 kg

Per Year
Small Company
100 uses a day



Medium Company
250 uses a day



Large Company
500 uses a day




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