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Finding the Best Hand Dryers

When planning the bathrooms for your upcoming building project, styling the bathrooms is a major area of consideration. Creating a welcoming space for users to encourage good hygiene is paramount, but there are also areas including noise transmission and overall building efficiency that should form part of your decision-making process.

Blade style hand dryers – also known as hands-in dryers – are one of the most popular choices. Their modern design, coupled with their excellent hygiene and quiet operation are factors that contribute to their increased usage.

The benefits of design

The choices you make in fitting out the bathrooms in a building can have a major impact on the way users perceive the quality of the building. One of the reasons why hands-in dryers have become so popular is their ease of use and attractive, unobtrusive design. A sleek finish that prevents air leaking into the surrounding area means that much less water from hand drying ends up on the floor of the bathrooms – it is collected in a pod – and this makes the bathroom look much cleaner and tidier.

The enclosed design of a blade style hand dryer also has the benefit of containing much of the noise from the dryer and preventing it from escaping into the surrounding areas. The Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hand dryer is whisper quiet in use because of the internal and external design. It emits just 57dB of noise – about the same as a normal conversation – compared to 83dB from an old-fashioned warm air dryer which is similar to the noise of heavy traffic nearby.

Improved Efficiency

The clever design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hand dryer also has benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. The use of fast-moving air directed through a narrow slot to displace water from the user’s skin does not require the use of an inefficient heating element, and less energy is lost in turbulence and noise. Overall, the modern blade style design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave I01 coupled with these internal innovations results in it using slightly less than one-third of the electricity of conventional models, and as a result, helping you reach your efficiency and CO2 goals.

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