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Faster Hand Dryers

Did you know that choosing a modern commercial hand dryer can help to improve overall productivity in your workplace while also reducing your costs?

Reducing Time Lost during Bathroom Breaks

Traditional hand dryers which use slow moving warm air to evaporate moisture from the user’s hands after washing can take more than 30 seconds to work fully. In a workplace with 250 people using the bathrooms twice daily, this means that over the course of a year almost 4 million seconds is spent using the hand dryer.  That is the equivalent of 135 working days!

A modern Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hands in commercial hand dryer works in just 9 seconds.  Over the course of a year, in the same workplace, that difference soon adds up.  In fact, faster hand drying can add up to an increase in productivity equivalent to almost 95 full working days

Reducing Disruption as a Result of Noise

Loud noises from conventional hand dryers can disturb workflows and cause issues in quieter environments such as restaurants and offices. A typical evaporative hand dryer creates almost 85dB of noise due to air turbulence from the wider nozzle and poor sound proofing – the equivalent of standing next to a busy road.

By comparison, a commercial hand dryer designed with workplaces in mind such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 emits just 56dB in use.  This is the equivalent of normal conversation volume, which means much less distraction in the surrounding areas.

Lowering Energy Use and reducing Environmental Impact

As businesses move towards Net Zero, reducing energy use is important, and can also help to lower costs. Thanks to innovations in design and their faster operation, choosing a Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 for a workplace with 500 daily uses will generate the equivalent of 160Kg of CO2 annually.  This is less than a third of the amount from a conventional hand dryer (526 KG), and just over 5% of the carbon footprint of paper towels.

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To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of commercial hand dryers and discover how they can help improve hygiene and reduce energy usage in your workplace, restaurant, or school, please contact us to arrange a demo.

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