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Learn more about Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial hand dryers are high performance appliances that are designed for use in bathrooms where they will see high levels of usage. Ideally suited to office buildings, schools, and restaurants as well as industrial buildings, commercial hand dryers are a cost effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels or low power hand dryers.

What Makes a Commercial Hand Dryer

Low power hand dryers are available for use in the home, but they are not suitable for use in environments where they will be used by larger numbers of people. When designing a commercial hand dryer, companies such as Mitsubishi Electric consider a wide range of factors including energy usage and speed of operation as well as long term reliability.

Reducing energy usage from hand dryers in a building with a large number of bathrooms can have a significant impact on annual operating costs.  Choosing a modern jet hand dryer in place of a conventional evaporative dryer or paper towels can save a business up to £42,000 over the expected lifespan of the appliance.

What Other Benefits do Commercial Hand Dryers Have

Aside from lower energy use and faster operation, one of the key benefits of choosing modern commercial hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 is their quiet operation. While traditional dryers were noisy inefficient systems the i01 model emits just 56dB in operation – the equivalent of a normal conversation.

Reduced noise from quiet hand dryers means less disturbance in surrounding areas which is particularly important in a busy office where noise can affect productivity.

Commercial hand dryers are also very hygienic. Jet hand dryers blow moisture from washing off the skin rather than using evaporation. This means that less residue is left on the user’s hands, and they are less likely to spread germs.  No touch automatic operation also reduces transmission vectors for illnesses and helps to reduce staff absence. 

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To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of commercial hand dryers and discover how they can help improve hygiene and reduce energy usage in your workplace, restaurant, or school, please contact us to arrange a demo.

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