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Choosing Commercial Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are a common sight in bathrooms, and in recent years, to improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, and reduce waiting times, many facilities managers have upgraded from conventional warm air (or evaporative) hand dryers too use modern jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 model.

These modern hand dryers work much more quickly than previous designs, getting the job done in as little as 10 seconds, while also improving hygiene.  This means lower energy bills, and, thanks to a quieter design, it also means less disturbance in the surrounding area.

Commercial Hand Dryers

In theory, any hand dryer installed in a public bathroom could be thought of as a commercial hand dryer.  It is provided by a building owner for the use of visitors and staff to help with hygiene.  While there is no specific definition of what a commercial hand dryer is, it is generally accepted to be one which is reliable and works well for users.

Hand Dryer Reliability

Ideally, a facilities manager or building owner looks for low maintenance equipment and should be willing to invest in high quality appliances that will last for multiple years without failing – even in difficult environments such as factories.

Traditional hand dryers can be less reliable because they have multiple points of failure:

  • The fan and motor
  • The heating element for warm air
  • The on-off button

If any one of these fails – whether due to wear, or a faulty part, the whole machine will often need to be replaced, which can add considerable costs.  Automatic hand dryers which work by way of a sensor that detects when a user is present bypass the need for a button, while the use of fast-moving jets of air in place to simply blow water off the skin means that there is no longer a need for a heating element, and as such, another point of failure is removed.

Ease of Cleaning

Bathrooms need to be cleaned and checked regularly throughout the day to ensure that they are hygienic and safe.  This helps to prevent the spread of illness in a building which can negatively affect profitability as well as putting people at risk.

Commercial hand dryers are designed in a way that is sensitive to the needs of maintenance and janitorial staff.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of jet hand dryers feature a no touch design which means fewer points of contact in the bathroom and less spread of germs, and they are also manufactured using materials which stop bacterial and viral growth.  This combination of design choices means that they can be simply wiped down as part of the cleaning regime, which saves time for staff.

Hand Dryer Efficiency

In a large building with many staff, keeping an eye on energy costs is important, and reducing usage helps a business to reach their sustainability and net zero goals.

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hand dryer is designed to operate quickly and uses an ultra-efficient fan system to accelerate air over the user’s hands.  Whereas a conventional dryer will cost about £33 annually for every 100 daily uses, the efficiency of the u02’s design means that this cost is reduced by two thirds to approximately £11 per year.

In larger buildings, or busy environments such as schools or hospitals, the savings from choosing a more efficient hand dryer that helps you achieve your commercial goals are substantial.

Find Out More

Choosing modern commercial hand dryers for your building can help to reduce costs and improve workplace hygiene.  Contact us to learn more about our range of commercial hand dryers and request a demonstration.

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