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Hand Dryers for the Environment

Hand dryers are an essential part of good hygiene in offices, schools, and restaurants, and can also be a major contributor to the overall amount of energy used in a building. Even in a small office, a hand dryer may be used more than one hundred times each day, and every time it is used, it will consume electricity and contribute to your overall carbon footprint.

Do Hand Dryers Have a Higher Carbon Footprint than Paper Towels

Paper towels do not require any electricity for use, but their carbon footprint is much higher than you would expect. The production, transportation and disposal of paper towels consumes vast amounts of energy. Paper towels are also manufactured from wood pulp, and even if it is generated from sustainably managed forests, it takes seventeen trees to make each tonne of paper towels, and annually more than 254 million tonnes of used paper towels are sent to land fill. It is calculated that for every one hundred daily paper towel uses, 624KG of CO2 emissions will be generated. 

By comparison, the ultra-efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 generates just 35 KG of CO2!

Efficient Designs

How Energy Efficient are Hand Dryers?

Conventional hand dryers use a combination of heat and airflow to dry the user’s hands. Even an energy efficient hand dryer will use substantial amounts of energy over the course of a year. With five hundred daily uses, a conventional hand dryer will cost around £159 each year to run. 

A jet hand dryer running in eco mode will dry the user’s hands more quickly and does not require a heater for the air. Consuming just 490W of power in eco mode, a Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 will cost less than a third of a conventional dryer – just £48 per year at average electricity costs.

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Choosing hand dryers that are better for the environment does not mean compromising on effectiveness. Intelligent design means that Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers work more quickly and use less energy. Contact us to request a demo and find out more.

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