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Dry Hands More Quickly

Even if operated correctly, with the user placing their hands properly in the stream of air and spreading moisture across their skin to make it easier to evaporate, a traditional hand dryer might take between 30 seconds and a minute to work satisfactorily. This can be frustrating for users leading them to omit good hand hygiene, create bathroom delays, and lead to greater disturbance in the surrounding area as the noise of the dryer will be heard for longer.

Quick Jet Hand Dryers

Jet hand dryers work much more quickly. By simply blowing the droplets of water away from the surface of the skin without the need for the user to rub their hands together, Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers such as the Wave i01 can dry the user’s hands in under ten seconds.

Faster dryers have major benefits including lower power use, fewer delays in bathrooms, and less noise disturbing the surrounding area.

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To find out more about the energy efficient range of Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers and how they can improve hygiene in your buildings while also reducing the amount of electricity you use, please contact us today to request a demonstration.

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