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Hand Dryer Drying Times

One of the biggest disadvantages of conventional hand dryers when compared to paper towels is the length of time they take to work fully. From start to finish, a conventional warm air hand dryer might take up to a minute to fully dry the user’s hands.  Long drying times, coupled with loud noises mean that many businesses and schools choose paper towels which are more expensive, and worse for the environment.

Why warm air hand dryers take so long

Conventional evaporative hand dryers work by blowing slow moving air over a fan and onto the user’s hands. As this air passes over the skin, and the hands are rubbed together, the moisture slowly evaporates to leave the hands dry.

The time taken is a result of the balanced factors in hand drying. If the air moves too quickly, it does not allow sufficient heat to reach the skin, and if the heating is turned up too high, the air can be uncomfortably hot – as well as using significantly more electricity.

As a result of these design limitations, the time taken for a warm air hand dryer will always be quite long – between thirty seconds and one minute depending on the model.

Faster hand drying with jets of air

A modern jet hand dryer works by blowing the droplets of water straight off the skin rather than evaporating the moisture. High speed jets of air are blown through a narrow nozzle and the user moves their hands through the stream of air. There is no need to wait for a heating element to reach the correct temperature, and rather than relying on movement to spread the remaining water over the skin to aid drying, larger droplets are simply removed by the air.

Benefits of faster hand dryers

The most immediate benefit of faster hand dryers is that they reduce the amount of time spent per bathroom visit. A jet hand dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 model will dry the user’s hands in under 10 seconds – less than a third as long as a conventional design.

This shorter drying time means that there is less queueing in the bathroom during busy periods and makes it far less likely that people will not dry their hands properly after washing which improves overall hygiene.

An indirect benefit of choosing a modern jet hand dryer is that they are much more efficient than conventional models. The shorter drying time, coupled with the reduced need for a heating element means that far less electricity needs to be used which will have an impact on costs.

An ultra-efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave u01 hands under hand dryer uses less than one third of the electricity as even the most energy efficient warm air designs and is responsible for approximately 5% of the carbon emissions as the equivalent number of paper towels.

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