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Installation of Hand Dryers

As electrical appliances, hand dryers need to be professionally installed with the correct wiring and circuit breakers to protect users. Choosing the best location for hand dryers in a bathroom may require changes to the wiring and power outlet locations, although in modern buildings with wall trunking in place, this is straightforward.

Hand Dryer Locations

Safety should be your number one priority when installing a hand dryer. Installing the hand dryer close to the sink will reduce the amount of water that drips onto the floor from users and reduces slip hazards. 

You should also consider the layout of the room as a whole. Bathroom users will follow a clear path through the room, from the entrance to the toilets, and then onto the washing basins. Positioning the hand dryer as a next natural step in this path is sensible and will help to prevent people cutting across each other.

While Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers are among the quietest on the market, they still produce some noise. Avoid installing the dryer within a metre of an opposing wall to allow sound to dissipate and reduce the amount of noise which is transmitted out of the bathroom.

Hand Dryer Mounting Heights

In offices and other workplaces, hand dryers should be installed at levels which are comfortable for adults to use, however in school bathrooms, they should be mounted lower, appropriate to the age of the children. In disabled toilets, the hand dryer height is mandated between 875 and 940mm above the ground depending on whether a hands-in or hands-under dryer is used

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Choosing a more efficient hand dryer for the bathrooms in your building is important, but when installing them it is also essential that they are placed at the correct height to make their use as simple as possible. Contact us to request a demo.

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