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Choosing Hygienic Hand Dryers for Your Office

During the pandemic, there was increased awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene and its impact on reducing the transmission of illnesses.  Modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 feature a number of design innovations that contribute to better workplace hygiene.

No-touch hand dryer design

Conventional hand dryers worked on a timer and were activated by a button that the user had to press to switch on the fan and heating system.  This mode of operation meant that as different users passed through the bathroom they could inadvertently spread germs from one person to another if hands had not been fully cleaned.

With automatic or hands-free hand dryers, a sensor is located in the drying area and when a hand is present, the fan switches on.  This means that the users do not have to touch the device and risk spreading germs.

Proper removal of moisture from hands

Evaporative hand dryers work by using slow moving warm air to dry the surface of the skin.  A downside of this is that the drying process can leave a residue on the skin of any material that was not properly rinsed away.

With a jet hand dryer, air is blown over the skin at high speed to push the droplets of water off the skin.  This results in cleaner hands without a residue and means that users are less likely to carry germs back out of the bathroom with them after use.

Hygiene friendly design

Regular cleaning of workplace bathrooms is essential in reducing the spread of germs.  Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers feature an antibacterial outer surface that prevents the growth of any germs and can be wiped clean as part of the regular cleaning process.  This is combined with a Viraguard air filter that removes germs from the air that is used in the dryer and prevents germs from being spread from the air in the bathroom onto the hands of the user.

Better Hygiene means Fewer Sick Days

Improving the quality of hygiene in your office and preventing the spread of illness from one person to another helps

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To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hygienic hand dryers and find out how they could improve cleanliness in your office, please contact us to request a quote or book a demonstration.

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