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Improve workplace productivity by reducing noise disruption

A quiet workplace is beneficial in helping staff to concentrate and get the most out of their day.  Poorly located or noisy hand dryers can create a distraction that affects staff focus and causes a loss of productivity.  By choosing a quieter hand dryer for your office bathrooms, you can reduce workplace noise and create a more effective workplace.

How much noise do hand dryers make?

Although the air from conventional hand dryers moves relatively slowly, their inefficient design makes them extremely noisy.  The large nozzle on a typical hand dryer creates a great deal of turbulence and means that the fan and motor are unshielded.  

This turbulent air and fan noise means that a normal hand dryer can reach 85dB in use.  This is as loud as a truck passing.  The sound of a hand dryer can easily pass through walls and doorways and disturb people in the surrounding area and affect their work.

The design of a jet hand dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 features a much thinner nozzle which directs a narrow airflow straight onto the skin.  This smoothly flowing air creates much less turbulence and allows for better soundproofing.  The Wave u02 generates just 56dB of sound – approximately the same as a normal conversation.

Reducing Disturbance with Shorter Drying Times

Evaporative hand dryers take much longer to dry the user’s hands because they need to heat the water on the skin enough to turn it into a vapour.  This means that the average drying time can be more than 35 seconds.  In a normal workplace, a hand dryer might be used more than 100 times each day, which means that it might be generating noise for more than 5 hours.

This can be extremely distracting for nearby workers and seriously affect their productivity.

Jet hand dryers are much faster in operation.  The Wave i01 takes as little as 10 seconds to dry the user’s hands, and coupled with the much lower noise levels, means fewer distractions stopping your team working.

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To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of low noise hand dryers and find out how they could reduce disturbance in your workplace, please contact us to book a demonstration or request a quote.

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