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Choosing Hand Dryers for Schools

There are few places where hygiene is as important as schools.  Having a large population of children from different households in close proximity can result in the fast spread of illnesses including coronavirus and flu that can result in a loss of education time and a drop in standards.  School bathrooms are a key area where the transmission of germs can be reduced using modern hand dryers.

Reducing Classroom Distraction with quieter hand dryers

Conventional hand dryers can be noisy and create disturbance in classrooms close to toilets.  Many schools feature modular classroom layouts with thin walls separating them, and as such, noise transmission can be a significant issue for teachers and cause disruption in classrooms.

Choosing quieter hand dryers means that less noise leaks out from toilet areas into corridors and classrooms and prevents pupils being disturbed during learning. Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers utilise their patented Wave Nozzle® technology which breaks down air turbulence, reducing noise further and increases drying efficiency.

Reduce Bathroom Congestion in Break Time

Limited break times in schools can result in bathrooms becoming congested and pupils being pressured not to follow good hygiene practices to avoid being late for classrooms.  Conventional hand dryers can be a big contributor to this problem.  While older hand dryers can take more than 30 seconds to fully dry the user’s hands, the innovative jet design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range reduces the drying time to around 10 seconds, which means students can use the bathroom quicker and prevent congestion or poor hygiene.

Reducing Energy Usage

Pressures on school budgets due to increasing energy costs can affect other areas of teaching.  Choosing more efficient hand dryers can reduce annual energy costs by more than two thirds compared to older evaporative hand dryers and by 95% compared to the cost of using disposable paper towels.

In addition to this, the efficiency of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 model means that overall carbon emissions are much lower, helping you towards your Net Zero goals.

More Information

Choosing the best hand dryers for your school can result in multiple benefits that can reduce costs and disruption as well as improving hygiene.  Read more below:

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