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Installation of School Hand Dryers

When installing hand dryers in a school bathroom, it is essential that they are appropriately placed to ensure that children can access them properly and comfortably, and that they are located in an area that minimises disruption and allows for easy use of bathrooms.

Minimising Noise and Reducing Congestion

When placing hand dryers within the bathrooms in a school, it is important to position them in a way that allows for users to avoid crossing paths.  This prevents congestion in the bathroom during busy periods and allows children to wash and dry their hands more efficiently.

Avoid placing hand dryers directly opposite doors or against a wall shared with a classroom to minimise the amount of noise transmitted into surrounding areas where it could distract pupils.  Similarly, avoid placing hand dryers in a narrow area of the bathroom where they can create an echo, as even a quieter model can cause a disturbance.

How High Should Hand Dryers Be Placed for Children

Both the type of dryer used and the mounting height needs to be appropriate to the age group using each bathroom. 

There are two main types of hand dryer available.  Hands under dryers are mounted on the wall and blow air directly down onto the user’s hands while hands-in designs are accessed from above, with the user passing their hands vertically down into the airflow to remove water from the skin.  Both types need to be mounted differently.

In a school bathroom, hands under dryers such as the Mitsubishi Wave u02 are often preferred as they are more easily accessible for smaller children and for a wider range of heights.  

The recommended mounting heights are as follows:

  • Children aged 4-7 years: 810mm
  • Children aged 7-10 years: 910mm
  • Children aged 10-13 years: 1010mm
  • Children aged 13-17 years: 1120mm

This means that in a school with multiple age groups, different bathrooms across the facility may need to have the dryer installed differently.

To cater for mobility impaired users, the recommended height for hand dryer installation in disabled bathrooms is 940mm above the floor level.

For hands in dryers, the standard mounting height for a children’s bathroom in a school should be 875mm.  In most cases, these models such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hand dryer are used only in secondary schools and colleges where they would be mounted at a standard adult height of 1170mm for males and 1120mm for females.

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