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As any teacher knows, any disruption to a lesson can affect the ability of pupils to concentrate on their work.  Poor classroom engagement can result in lesson overruns and add pressure to teachers in delivering the curriculum effectively.  Pupils leaving the class to use the bathroom during lessons is an unavoidable issue, but the noise from hand dryers leaking into the classroom and disturbing concentration is not.  Choosing quieter hand dryers means less disturbance to lessons in areas close to the bathrooms.

How Noisy are Hand Dryers

Conventional hand dryers work by evaporation.  A fan inside the dryer blows air over a heating element and through a wide nozzle onto the user’s hands.  The size of the nozzle, coupled with the exposed fan and motor assembly creates a significant amount of noise from machinery and turbulence.  As the appliance ages, the noise can get worse due to components wearing out and damage to fan blades.

A traditional hand dryer is as noisy as standing next to a busy road or a train in a station: 85dB.

This loud noise not only leaks into the surrounding area but can also be daunting for some children with auditory sensitivity and cause them to avoid using the dryers or omit hand washing.

Quieter Hand Dryers

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers work differently to traditional models.  Rathe than using a wide nozzle and heater, they employ a narrow jet of fast-moving air to blow the water of the skin.  This narrower jet of air creates much less turbulence in the surrounding area, so generates far less noise in operation.

The design of the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 hand dryer also reduces the sound escaping from the internal fan assembly through better soundproofing.  This means that the dryer emits just 57dB in operation.  The equivalent of a normal conversation.

This quieter operation causes less sound to escape into the surrounding area and is also helpful for pupils who might otherwise not want to use the dryer.

A further advantage comes from speed of operation.  It is much more efficient to dry the hands by blowing moisture off the surface, so the drying time is reduced considerably to around 10 seconds.  This provides the two benefits of reducing the duration of noise and ensures that pupils can return to the classroom faster to prevent interruption to classes.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of low noise hand dryers and discover how they can reduce disturbance in your classrooms, please contact us to book a demonstration or request a quote.

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