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Choosing the Best Hands In Dryer

When deciding whether hands in dryers are better for your needs, there are several things to consider:

Environmental Impact

A hand dryer reduces the amount of waste produced, but modern designs also reduce energy use. The Mitsubishi Wave i01 releases just 0.58g of CO2 per use and consumes just 560watts of power at standard levels. This means that it is highly energy efficient. 

The impact of hands in dryers can also be felt in terms of their impact on noise levels in a building. The design of the jet nozzles and sound dampening in the construction mean that in use, the Mitsubishi Wave i01 emits just 56Db of noise – around the same as a conversation.

Hygiene and Cost Considerations for Hands In Hand Dryers


Hands In Dryers blow water directly off the user’s hands and capture it in a water pod inside the frame which means that it does not blow back onto the user or contaminate the surrounding area. The water tank can handle the water from around eight hundred uses.

A no touch design, and a wipe clean anti-bacterial plastic shell means that germs cannot grow on the dryer and be spread around by people drying their hands.


Hands in Dryers are typically more costly than alternatives. The RRP for the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 is £699, compared to £449 for the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 which has a hands under design, but this is only part of the cost. The amount of power used, and the cost of maintaining the system should also be considered.

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