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Hygienic Hand Dryers

With automatic hand dryers, there is no need for the user to touch the appliance when in use. A sensor detects when a hand is moved into the drying area, and the fans automatically start. This means that there is no need to touch a button where germs might spread.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Hygienic Hand Dryers

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryer range is designed to be more hygienic in use. Dryers have been certified to meet the requirements of NSF international – an independent third-party public health and safety standards association.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave hygienic hand dryers are manufactured from anti-bacterial plastics that curb the growth of bacteria on all surfaces and can be cleaned using up to 83% alcohol sanitisers to ensure that they remain safe to use.

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Learn more about the Mitsubishi Electric Wave hygienic hand dryer range. Contact a member of our team today, to request a demo and find out how our range of Ultra Efficient Hand Dryers can help to lower your energy bills while also reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

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