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Hand Dryers and Hygiene

There are two key options when putting hand drying facilities in the bathrooms of your office building, school, or hospitality venue. Most organisations choose between disposable paper towels and electric hand dryers, but which provides better levels of hygiene.

Modern jet hand dryers work by blowing air at high speed over the skin to displace any droplets of water from hand washing, and are fast, efficient, and highly effective. They offer a high standard of hygiene for users as no residue is left on the skin, and unlike paper towels, there is no waste left in the bathroom.

Improving hand hygiene

One of the main advantages of choosing jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 or u02 for your bathrooms is that they work automatically. Rather than users needing to push a button to operate the dryer which could function as a point of contact for spreading bacteria, a proximity sensor detects a hand in the drying area and automatically turns on the fan.

A major advantage for hygiene is the way a jet hand dryer works. Unlike conventional warm air hand dryers which use heat to cause water to evaporate and can leave a soap residue on the skin that would trap bacteria, jet hand dryers simply blow the droplets of water off the surface of the skin taking any contaminants with it.

Reducing Waste with Hand Dryers

When paper towels are used in a bathroom, they create a substantial amount of waste that needs to go to landfill. In a typical office bathroom, which may be used hundreds of times each day, the amount of waste left in the bins can quickly build up and act as a reservoir for bacteria to grow.

Whether stacked on a counter or placed in a dispenser, paper towels put an extra point of contact into the bathroom where germs can spread from one person to another, and as such mean that even if users are washing their hands correctly, they may pick up germs from physically handling the paper towels.

Additional advantages of hand dryers

Jet hand dryers are much quieter and more efficient in use than conventional designs. The high-speed air jets dry the user’s hands in less than 10 seconds and by removing the need for a heater, they use far less electricity meaning lower bills and less environmental impact.

Find Out More

For more information about how a choosing a quieter hand dryer from the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range could help you reduce your energy consumption and improve hygiene, please contact us today to request a demonstration or download our brochures.

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