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Hand Dryers and the spread of bacteria

Over the past few years, government messaging has stressed the importance of hand washing as a key part of disease prevention. Cleaning hands removes most of the germs that can spread infections and helps to stop the spread of infection from one person to another, using modern hand dryers can help stop germs from spreading.

The importance of good hand washing and drying

After using the bathroom, it is vitally important to wash your hands correctly. Bathroom surfaces can be home to a variety of bacteria including COVID and e-coli that can be picked up and then transferred to other places. By washing your hands before leaving the bathroom, you can remove most germs.

In hospitality venues such as restaurants and bars, the importance of good hand hygiene is widely accepted and good practices are followed by all staff, but in other situations including offices and schools, people may be in more of a rush and not wash their hands fully.

Drying your hands properly after washing is equally important. Hand dryers help to remove bacteria from the skin that might otherwise be trapped in the droplets of water left after washing.

Hands Free Dryers Can Help Protect Against Germs

Automatic hand dryers do not require any contact to work.  A sensor detects when hands are present in the drying area and activates the fan.  Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 hand dryers have a proximity sensor in the drying area. This detects when a hand is present and starts the fan. There is no need to touch the device, and as such, less risk of germs spreading from one person to another.

Jet hand dryers create cleaner hands

Conventional warm air hand dryers work by evaporation. The user rubs their hands together in the stream of hot air from the fan and this removes the water in the form of steam which may leave some soap residue on the skin.

By comparison, jet hand dryers blow the droplets of water straight off the skin taking any soap and suspended germs with them. This leaves hands cleaner and prevents germs being carried away.

Antibacterial surfaces stop germs spreading

The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range of hand dryers are designed with hygiene in mind.  Viraguard air filters ensure that the air blown onto the skin is free of microbes, while silver ions embedded in the outer surfaces prevent bacterial growth to improve hygiene even further.

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Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers help to stop the spread of illnesses with innovations that include hands free operation, silver enhanced antibacterial casings, and more efficient drying methods. Find out more by contacting us today to book a demonstration.

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