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Jet Hand Dryers

Traditional hand dryers worked primarily though evaporation. Warm air was blown out of the dryer at a low pressure. This slow-moving warm air would speed up the evaporation process. Users of conventional hand dryers would need to rub their hands together in the air stream to spread the moisture out over their skin to aid the process.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Jet Hand Dryers

Jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 and u02 use an entirely different method of removing water. Rather than evaporation, jet hand dryers displace the water from the skin. The fast-moving air pushes the water off the skin as the hands are moved through the narrow stream of air.

Jet hand dryers are much quicker than traditional styles because the air pressure starts to remove water immediately, rather than needing to warm it up and allow it to evaporate.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers will dry skin faster, and this means that they use less energy than conventional models – in Eco Mode, the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 hands under dryer uses just 490w. An added advantage of using a narrow jet of air coupled with high performance brushless motors is that the dryers can run much quieter making them less disruptive in environments such as offices, schools, and restaurants.

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