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Jet Hand Dryers

Jet hand dryers in the Mitsubishi Electric wave range use an efficient compact digital motor to power a fan to create airflow, but it is the way that the air is directed through the dryer that creates the narrow jet of air that is used to dry your hands.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Jet Hand Dryers

Unlike a conventional hand dryer where the fan is mounted directly over the drying area, and warm air is blown onto the hands, Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers feed the air through an internal duct system that accelerates the air’s movement through a cleverly designed set of nozzles that create a fast moving curtain of air that literally blows the moisture off the skin.

The aerodynamics of the internal ducts and nozzles stabilise the airflow from the fan and create a less turbulent stream of air that is quieter and more effective at drying your hands.

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If you would like to learn more about the ultra-efficient Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryer range, please contact a member of our team today. Request a demo to find out more about out range of jet hand dryers.

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