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How Jet Hand Dryers Work

Jet Hand Dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave range work differently to conventional hand dryers. Rather than relying on evaporation, the high-speed air from the nozzles blows water off the surface of your skin. This has multiple benefits such as being faster, more energy efficient, and quieter in operation.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave Jet Hand Dryers

In a jet hand dryer, the air is directed through internal ducts to a set of nozzles that create a fast-moving curtain of air that you pass your hands through. This air flows smoothly over the surface of your skin, removing the water quickly.

The smooth jet of airflow from the dryer nozzles creates less turbulence and therefore less noise than a conventional model with a wide nozzle.

Because Jet hand dryers do not rely on heat to evaporate the water from your hands, you do not need to wait for them to warm up before they are effective, and nor do they use as much energy, as the only powered element is a highly efficient brushless motor that turns the fan.

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