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Maintaining Your Hand Dryer

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important in preventing failure in your hand dryers and ensuring that they remain reliable in the long term.  Typically, the lifespan of a hand dryer is between seven and ten years, and in that time, they may be used many thousands of times.   Modern hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 models are precisely engineered and use high quality components to create a reliable system that should work well for many years, but there are still regular actions you need to take to keep it working as efficiently as possible.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping your hand dryers clean is a vital part of maintaining hygiene in the workplace.  Even though the exterior of the dryers use antibacterial materials, they still need to be wiped down using a soft cloth and a plastic safe cleaning product to preserve the finish.  

Daily cleaning also provides an opportunity to ensure that the dryer is working correctly and identify any potential problems.

One of the most important parts to consider as part of the regular cleaning schedule is the sensor that detects the presence of a user’s hands.  Splashes of water and occasional dirt can obscure the sensor and prevent it working as expected.  The sensor needs to be cleaned at least once per week to remove any build up that may affect performance.

Maintaining Air Filters

Jet hand dryers draw air in from the surrounding area and then blow it through a nozzle at high speed to remove water from the user’s hands.  Dust particles carried by the air are captured in an air filter to prevent them damaging the motor or building up on the fan blades and affecting airflow.

If dust is not removed from the air filter regularly, it can constrict the flow of air through the hand dryer which forces the motor to work much harder.  This means higher energy use, but in extreme cases, could cause the motor to burn out.

Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers feature a removable air filter which should be cleaned regularly. Loose dust can be removed by tapping the filter with your hands over a bin and then any dust trapped deeper in the filter can be removed using a vacuum cleaner.  

It is important to ensure that the filter is replaced correctly to prevent dust from bypassing it and being drawn into the fan system as that could shorten the working life of the hand dryer.

Emptying Water from the Drain Tank

Hands in dryers collect water from the user’s hands in a tank to stop it ending up on the floor. This tank needs to be emptied periodically to avoid the risk of overflow inside the dryer.  The water tank contains up to 800ml and should be emptied every 800 or so uses.  In some environments where there is a lot of dust, it is possible for the drainage pipe from the drying area to the tank to become clogged.  This can be cleaned out.

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