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Servicing Hand Dryers

After installation, a hand dryer should last for between seven and ten years before replacement. Through regular preventative maintenance, good cleaning practices, and servicing, the lifespan can be maximised. Servicing not only helps to prolong the life of a hand dryer and reduce waste, but it also helps to ensure that the dryer continues to run as efficiently as possible, which contributes to lower energy consumption and fewer CO2 emissions.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

The outer surfaces of Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryers feature an antibacterial coating that protects against the spread of germs. The antibacterial effect is created by embedding metal ions into the resin casing for the dryer, and as such, the outer surfaces can be safely wiped down using a soft cloth and cleaning products that are marked as “safe to use on plastics” to remove any dirt or residue. Avoid using anything with a scouring action that could damage the surface and create pits where germs could grow.

The air filter on a Mitsubishi Electric Wave hand dryer should be cleaned every week or so. After switching the power off, the filter (and drainage tank on the Wave i01 model) should be removed. Tap the filter gently by hand to remove any loose dust into a bin before using a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dust that might be trapped in the filter. Keeping the filter clean is important, as a clogged filter will cause the motor to work much harder to draw air into the dryer which can affect efficiency and longevity.

For hands-in dryers, it is also important to regularly empty and clean the drain tank. This prevents water from standing for long periods where germs could start to grow.  The tank should hold water captured from around eight hundred uses and should be cleaned at least once a week before it is full. At the same time, the drainpipes should be cleaned to prevent any blockages from developing.

Other maintenance

Provided that the exterior of the appliance and filters are cleaned regularly, the internal components should work efficiently. The fan assembly, motor and bearings are not user serviceable and are sealed for safety reasons.

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Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your hand dryer. To request a demonstration of our range of ultra-efficient, quiet hand dryers, please contact a member of our team today.

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