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In restaurants, offices, and schools, noise from hand dryers can be a distraction.  It can affect the ability of staff and pupils to concentrate, and diners may find the disturbance off-putting when eating a meal.  Installing quieter, low noise hand dryers in your bathrooms and taking steps to reduce the sound levels will help to improve your venue.

How Much Noise do Hand Dryers Create

Traditional hand dryers can create as much as 85dB of noise when in use.  This is the equivalent of the noise of heavy traffic from the side of a busy road.  Additionally, the frequencies of sound from hand dryers can be penetrating.  In tiled bathrooms, the noise can be amplified by the hard surfaces making the problem worse. 

Hand dryers produce a variety of different noises – high pitched sounds can emanate from the motor and fan assembly, and the turbulent air from the nozzle creates lower frequencies that are easily transmitted through walls and doors into the surrounding area.

How Do Low Noise Hand Dryers Work

  • Low noise hand dryers are designed to produce less sound and make the sound that they create less disturbing.To counter the low frequency noises from turbulent air, hand dryers like the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u02 and i01 models use a narrow, smooth jet of air which creates much less turbulence.

    The higher frequency motor and fan sounds can be reduced through the use of soundproofing and calibrated internal airflow.  The Mitsubishi Electric Wave range combine air filters and sound proofing material and their ultra-efficient motors are mounted for less vibration, which means that less noise escapes.

    This combination of factors means that the Mitsubishi Electric Wave u01 creates just 57dB of noise when in use.  This is one of the quietest hand dryers available, with noise levels equivalent to a normal conversation that are less likely to penetrate into surrounding areas.

    Shorter Drying Times Mean Less Noise

    A key way that noise from hand dryers can be minimised is by reducing their drying time. With conventional warm air hand dryers, it can take more than half a minute for the dryer to do its job. In a busy office or restaurant environment, this may mean that the dryers are running almost continually.  With a modern hands-in dryer such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01, the drying time can be reduced to under 10 seconds which reduces the amount of disturbance, and also means less electricity is used.  Modern low noise jet hand dryers can reduce electricity use by a third!

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