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Faster Modern Hand Dryers

roductivity is one of the most important considerations for all businesses and schools.  Maximising the amount of time that is spent learning or working helps to improve efficiency and delivers better overall results.  While bathroom breaks are a necessary factor, they can take up significant amounts of time and in a large workplace have a major impact on profitability.  On average over the course of a working day, each employee loses around 15 minutes of time across three bathroom breaks.  This means that over the course of a full year, more than 60 hours of work are lost!

Reducing Bathroom Break Times

According to a recent survey by Initial, it takes an average of just under 5 minutes between a member of staff or pupil leaving their desk and returning when they take a bathroom break.  This time includes walking to and from the toilet, using the facilities, and then washing and drying their hands.

Of these actions, aside from ensuring that people have bathrooms near their working area, the only area that can be reasonably improved is in hand drying.

Conventional warm air hand dryers can be slow to operate.  They need to be activated and reach operating temperature before they will successfully dry the user’s hands, and this whole process can take between 30 seconds to a minute – or between 10% and 20% of the total time for the bathroom break.

How Modern Jet Hand Dryers Reduce Drying Times

Unlike older warm air hand dryers that took time to heat up, and then required the user to rub their hands in the slow-moving air as water evaporated from their skin, modern jet hand dryers such as the Mitsubishi Electric Wave i01 use a fast-moving jet of air to quickly blow the water from the skin.  This method of drying is much faster and uses less energy.

With a jet hand dryer, the user simply needs to move their hands in and out of the drying area.  A sensor detects the movement and then instantly switches on the air flow.  Air is accelerated to high speed through the internal ducting of the hand dryer before passing through a narrow nozzle and over the skin.

This fast-moving air removes the water quickly without leaving any residue and works in as little as 10 seconds.

Improvements in Productivity

If each bathroom break is reduced in time by 30 seconds, the improvements in efficiency can build up quickly over the course of a year.  Based on an average of 3 visits per day, this is 1.5 minutes per day – or 375 minutes over the course of a year – almost a full working day!

In a large workforce, this improvement in productivity can have a major impact on productivity and help a business be more productive.

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